Parent Action Committee

Welcome to the
Parent Action Committee

The Parent Action Committee (or PAC for short) is our parent organization for Crossroads Academy – Quality Hill. We meet together to plan activities and create opportunities to support our kiddos and QH staff. 

The PAC Mission

To make Crossroads Academy – Quality Hill a truly unique community. We work on projects that build school community and encourage fun. 

There are no dues or fees

If you are a parent or guardian of a Crossroads Academy student, you are automatically a member of the PAC and are welcome to join in as much as you are able. There is a PAC board of parent volunteers who manage ongoing communication, organize activities and call regular meetings for all parents to join in. 

Together we are creating a community

As family members, we play a vital role in building community by focusing on opportunities and activities
that will:

We need helpers to pull it all together

Each year, the PAC creates activities and events which can use extra parent support, including


Please email to get information on any area that interests you.
Donations are welcome through our PAC PayPal which will fund the above activities.
Questions? Ideas? Email our PAC Chair:

Make sure to look for PAC updates in the
Wednesday Updates