Our Sponsor

Learn more about how governance works at a public charter school. 

Each charter school in Missouri has a sponsor that first approves the charter application and then monitors the schools to ensure success. Sponsors, sometimes called authorizers, are ultimately responsible for the operational and educational integrity of each charter school they sponsor and for closing any that fail to function responsibly. Sponsors are charged by state law with ensuring that the charter schools meet the student achievement goals and financial and operational standards required by the contracts (or “charters,” hence the term “charter school”) made between the charter schools and their sponsors. 

Our charter school sponsor is Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS). KCPS is dedicated to ensuring a quality, equitable education experience so that the students in its boundaries thrive socially, emotionally, and academically in a globally competitive world. This commitment has led KCPS to explore any and all opportunities that may offer an enhanced educational experience for children and families living within the KCPS boundaries have access to a quality Pre-K through 12 educational experiences, including charter school sponsorship. Learn more about our sponsor by clicking here