Teacher quotes

Teacher quotes

I serve at Crossroads because education inspired me. It provided me with structure and guidance during chaotic times at home. Now, I have the privilege of offering that same sense of security and wisdom to my students. I'm there to support them, guide them, and foster their creativity and critical thinking skills. As a high school visual arts educator and cross country coach, Crossroads provides a supportive community and valuable professional development opportunities for my personal and professional growth. It's fulfilling to shape future leaders and contribute to society in this way.

- Crossroads Prep teacher

I teach to show kids what they’re capable of and help them achieve it. Together we turn “can’t” into “can” and dreams into victories.

- Quality Hill teacher

I am here because everyday I can see where I make a difference. I get to see it happening in small pieces. The beauty of it is that I can build on it each year. Education is the path to success, and I want my community to succeed. Every kid in this city has boundless potential, and teaching gives me the opportunity to help them realize that.

- Central Street Teacher